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As a brand, they currently have the type of star-power that makes people respect them even before checking out any of the films. It did not used to be so always – the company had to work hard to keep quality high and mistakes low. The network has expanded from a few websites to over nineteen, and there are other sources like magazines that the company makes and maintains. What is it that they do well – they make mainstream niches succulent and artsy even sometimes. But what is done best is hardcore niches of milfs, facials, gangbangs, coeds, anal, big asses, etc.

Of course discount pornstars are a currency that these guys invest in heavily, amateurs also benefit from sharing the same platforms as legends of porno. Also having films produced by this company does wonders for the amateur’s exposure because many people respect this company. Under normal instances, the DVD resolution of films disappoints some people, but how can you expect to be let down by such a big company as this? You can sit down and unwrap films here that have small sizes, but recent updates have HD resolution and this has been happening for many months now. So high def is inside as well as mobile ready files, then there are mp4 files. You will find that options are many so navigation is very user-friendly.

Information is shared rapidly through articles, updates, information on models and upcoming DVDs. Inside the website is an embed player to be used together with speedy internet connection to play the videos faster and in high def. The amount of pictures and films combined will take you more than 6 months to finish if you watch the content daily (it is just an estimation to show you that there is lots of stuff here!) The jpeg come through in hot resolution, beautiful stuff, no complaints so far.

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It is no coincidence that these guys decided to name their website College Rules; the name reflects the type of material they have here. First, the material they started with was submitted by students who want money. The coeds were promised that if they submitted the best, they would receive cash dollars. So, they took up cameras and began filming their beautiful bodies. Students do not have limits, it seems, because they film many different sex niches that they enjoy. The more proactive they become, the more challenged they feel to overdo their own feats of sexuality. So, you will get a constant upward trend of hardcore that irks up your emotion.

The bookish charms of the ladies here makes good viewing when they start being naughty. It is always nice to see innocence of new young students being tested with sex games, alcohol, depraved parties, guys penetrating their asses, and more. This is the type of material one gets from inside. The students are also intelligent cause they know exactly how to make stimulating hardcore amateur porno. They have friends holding cameras, have pov angles, they even incorporate their best buddies into the sex scenes.

You will see young coeds moving around in public places, being horny, and fucking in these public places. The imagination of the students knows no bounds. Of course, there are scenes that are more controlled, perhaps look a bit more scripted, but you will forget that quickly once you get the orgies parties playing on your screen. There is lots of laughing and happy faces and it not only from you as you watch the College Rules discount content here! The performers are hyper-happy in engaging in such slutty deeds. You will be able to find different varieties of pussy in this place, including different body dimensions, some students are small, some have dangerous thighs and asses.

Also, the niches here offer you glimpses of young lesbian students, and inside there are films in HD 720p. They may need to improve that to 1080p HD, but it is a very thin line between these two resolutions! But that technical, what you should know is that the visuals are completely beautiful for 720p footage. On mobile devices, you will save what you want. They have different file formats to be used as you see fit. You can fiddle with the online flv player to find the right resolution film you want, that’s nice.

They make pictures available in resolution you’ll like, zip files are there too. Once inside you fortunately get all the navigation features you may need. Presentation is sometimes too simple for some, and more material needs to be added. College Rules is a very nice pornsite with rowdy coed porn, there are some issues inside, but overall they get top recommendations.

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Kelly Madison is a famous hot MILF who love to play with younger girls in company of her hubby. However, when she came up with an ideal to create TeenFidelity as her official porn website, little did she knew that she was about to venture into highly rated online porn business. The secret behind the success of this site could first be attributed to the nod and consent given by her husband to run it both as owners as well as principal actress and actor. The couple has proven their worth and skills in managing a porn company while their wild style of hardcore sex is not unknown in this industry.

Kelly likes to be fucked intensively and in hard manner while her size particularly her huge boobs stand as her weapon used in seducing the men. She is good in performing blowjobs and her meaty pussy is always wet for a drill. Her husband, Ryan is well-hung down there and looks athletic with attractive physical appearance. It seems he like to fuck younger girls especially legal teens as he is always captured drilling his huge dicks in the tight pussy of a teen model.

Anyway, Teen Fidelity is created to bring teen hardcore porn to viewing pleasure of porn fans all over the world and this is exactly what you will get. However, in order to make the scenes more interesting, MILFs are often paired with these teens in threesomes to teach them how to position themselves for a real hardcore action. At this moment, you will have the chance to download any of the 379 full length videos available on this site. The videos come in HD quality and offered to be downloaded unlimitedly in multiple formats or better still streamed in Flash Window Player. While the owners are not relenting to make here a one-stop porn platform by using their skills both in managing the site and featuring in hardcore actions, the step taken is yielding positive result and we should expect remarkable increase in the video collection very soon. Here is regarded as one of the biggest deals in hardcore entertainment possibly because of the popularity and known attitude of the owners when it comes to hard reality sex.

The couple features prominently in every TeenFidelity discount scene while the quality is top-notch. The content is 100% original, real and exclusive made only for the members’ viewing enjoyment. With multiple updates done on weekly basis the site is becoming bigger and content constantly looking robust each day. The photo section is more attractive and more than 37,900 high resolution pictures had been put on display as at today while your membership gives unlimited download of the pictures in zip archives.

The rosy adventure of Kelly and Ryan Madison in hardcore porn production was vividly implanted in TeenFidelity, their official site. Here is the best place to watch the couple’s sexual prowess and the most interesting scene happened to be when the two is paired with another model; man or girl. If the third model is a man, Ryan looks on haplessly as his darling is being fucked aggressively and in the case it happened to be a girl, Kelly helps in positioning her for Ryan to thrust his huge cork in her vagina. The time is here to get your membership in order to experience great hardcore sex.