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At the very beginning of their career, most amateur models are simply incredibly irresistible and very appealing just like the models inside the pornsite Casting Couch X. This pornsite is the gate through which the young sex models must first get access to as they begin their career as pornstars in the industry. Therefore, the premise of the content is familiar to many, but the faces you get to see in the casting interviews are new. The girls are taken into the backroom, given a proper hardcore vetting with hard cocks and lots of sex.

The interviewer uses tempting questions, uses the familiar method of telling the girls they have to prove that they can be porn superstars by first fucking the interviewer. If the sex is impressive, if their bodies are erotic, if they can show talent at blowjobs, riding dick, then there is a place for them in the industry. So, having all the hardcore options presented to them, the girls get undressed, get on the couch and get pounded. You will find the preview tour page tells the same story as what you’ll find in the galleries.

The regular production of new material has filled up this pornsite with crazy videos showing different types of porn genres. Together with all that, they have formats for PC and mobile ready files. The best high definition 1080p videos can be huge files, as expected, but you can find smaller 720p res videos as well. The videos mostly come in thirty-minute segments with information on the models name and date. You can get 300 images in one zip file and then download, open it up and you’ll have high-resolution images.

Other ways to enjoy yourself inside include checking out live cams, or trying to see if any of the featured girls went on to become porn stars like they wanted. You see, some of the models who show up get such a forceful penetration and hardcore experience that they call it quits with the whole porn industry. Some are completely sucked in as they discover this is the future line of work that they were meant to do. This pornsite is grooming plus fucking all the young new babes, and you can watch every scene! Sounds like a very marvelous deal to us! You get streaming HD quality to enjoy inside. Normally, you will find that the nerves sometimes get the better of the models, but the interviewer is always there to steady them and offer directions.

The POV filming angles are intriguing and most of the models have lithe, small young body traits. The films always let you see the full picture of the body of the models, ass, tits, closeup pussy scenes, etc. Our Casting Couch X discount looks to be really rooted deep in the reality hardcore niche they make, and they look to have new and excellent penetration scenes of first time new amateur models.

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From Digital Desire you will be in charge of all the collection from ‘Digital DreamGirls’, and all material from one Mr. J Stephens Hicks. This dude is clearly a savant genius when it comes to production of formidable erotica content. Being so good at his occupation, Hicks has worked for Playboy and Penthouse. Since he has accumulated over twenty years in the industry, his reputation is an enormous cloud that hangs low inside this pornsite showering you with great raindrops of the best content ever. You will also get to play with many pornstars inside. The website that he has presented now offers monthly discounted membership pass for those who want.

Those who would like to go into big galleries of 2900+ picture sets and over 1200+ movies will be happy with the quality and variety. The high res picture material is in selected sizes that you get to choose. Together with that comes the options of the video gallery, files like flash, windows media, mp4 formats. They have offered downloading and streaming options, also HD files, and more recently the move to mobile files and formats. You will get iPod files that display such fine quality on mobile devices. With the 1080p movies and HD res, the members get to have updates in the highest resolution possible, multiple updates weekly!

Those in the business of reviewing porn have of course seen the monstrous leap and progress that this company, and official pornsite has experienced over the years. When you breakdown what Hicks is constantly improving on you will find that his passions have never changed all these years. Beautiful pornstars, artistic photography, sensuality, sexuality, and varied categories are things that this website works on intently. You will find sections with selections, nationalities, body types and features, and other portfolio that have a lot more viewpoints and interesting angles of photography. It’s clear that J.Hicks believes there is always room to improve and to stretch the imagination and creativity just a little bit more. All this hard work means you’re getting one finely tuned website with top caliber material.

As always, the state of organization inside this site the level of professional design and different navigational features is so elite quality! You get the top navigation bar, then sections for best photos, videos blog, featured girl, etc. the top models they have are given time to shine, you get models arranged in alphabetical order. To be more specific it doesn’t take long before you get to have information on the updates, models, and anything else that Hicks wants to tell you.

There is interaction among the members, social media platforms, updates, new models, exceptional improvements, and nothing about the Digital Desire discount appears out-of-place or uninteresting. The volume of content they have is great, the website is great, Hicks is great, and the deal is great!

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To get from where they are now to where they want to go, the girls must get through Border Patrol Sex. But this is a different type of patrol that uses the ancient human art of barter trading. There’s usually patrol guy who is working and gets to work out the pussy of the captured females. The material is intriguing because it has hardcore porn, attractive ladies, and lots of inspired reality theme. They are also very exclusive guys. It’s worth having a more concentrated look inside to see what they have.

The laws of lust and trade are heavily featured inside this site. The spicy situation the ladies find themselves in is enough to make the patrol guys aroused. With a stiff dick, the patrol guys can’t think straight and they demand to have pussy, mouth, and sex from the gals. Some of the hot amateur ladies protest, some run, they are caught and fed long dick for their efforts. The action happens right outdoors as the guys bend the gals, penetrate them on top of their vehicles, inside the car, on the hot dirty road, or however else they feel like it. The gals are normally given heavy messy facials, creampies, and many orgasms also.

So the ladies thought a sneaky trip across the border would be an easy thing, they didn’t count on meeting the sex hungry patrolmen. You will get episodes inside that show you cumshots, humiliation, tattoos, Latina, anal, bjs, group sex, and many other niches. You will be able to easily pick out the movie you want. They have bonus material from a third party DVD source that will help you kill some time in-between the updates that they make. The site updates every 2 weeks, they need to improve on this though so that more porn can shown to the members. They do have descriptions for the videos as well as the tags you need to sort and search. The patrol guys are always in charge and make sure the females feel every inch of their authority up until cum and orgasms are released.

Since a lot of the material is filmed in POV angles, stationery, wide angles, and it’s mostly outdoor, the natural setting and lighting makes the video have a superb quality for viewers. The outdoor environment also adds to the realism of the content, anyone can pass by and find them fucking the gals. The high definition gives you the kind of file formats you will easily recognize and your PC can easily play the movies once you’re online. You can stream, and you can save the movies.

The sharpness of the images is a bit neglected with the site loving to do more videos and not so much on the picture side. There are pictures despite this; you can see them once you’re online. The cunning of the producers inside Border Patrol Sex discount has now led to a new exciting reality hardcore pornsite with impressive content. There are things to improve, they are new, we hope to see you inside real soon!